Independent Candidate for Lt. Governor

Since California adopted its “top-two” primary system, replacing partisan primaries, almost all November elections have featured two candidates from the major parties, and no independent or third party candidates.

The weakness of the Republican Party in California has even resulted in elections with two Democrats facing each other in November. That was the case in the US Senate races in 2016 and 2018.

The weakness of the Republican Party has also lead to some Republicans quitting the party and running as independent candidates – on the ballot they are listed as having No Party Preference. In 2018 former Republican Steve Poizner ran for Insurance Commissioner as a No Party candidate. He received 47% of the vote, running ahead of the Republican candidates for all other statewide offices.

This year, voters will have the chance to vote for No Party candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney-General and Insurance Commissioner. In this post, I want to briefly introduce the NPP candidate for Lt. Governor.

David Hillberg is running for Lt. Governor on a conservative platform. He lists his policies on his site:

1. Return to the State to Constitutional Rule. 

2. Elected representatives must represent the people, not special interests. 

3. Hold elected officials accountable for unlawful actions. 

4. Seek restoration for citizens who have been hurt by government overreach and mandates. 

5. Ensure politicians are introducing bills and or policies that benefit the citizens and restricted by the Constitution. 

6. Restore law and order. 

7. Resolve the homeless crisis. 

8. Protect veterans and those who are currently serving our country. 

9. Full parental rights. 

10. Medical freedoms for all, not just the elites. 

He claims that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has endorsed him, but I have not found a confirmation of this claim. For more information, go to

(By Gene Berkman, Editor, California Libertarian Report)

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