Lanhee Chin for California Controller

“The Controller is California’s independent fiscal watchdog. The person who makes sure that taxpayer money—OUR money—is spent as we’re told it will be. But that’s not happening now. In fact, the Controller can’t even tell us where she sent over $300 billion in payments in 2018 alone.”

Lanhee Chin is the only Republican running for State Controller on the June primary ballot. His campaign will focus on four themes:

Protecting Taxpayers From Fraud:”As Controller, I will use my audit authority aggressively and frequently, particularly in examining state programs that may be ripe for fraud and abuse.

Holding Sacramento Politicians Accountable: “California taxpayers deserve answers to questions like how tens of billions of dollars in federal assistance during the pandemic were spent. And whether school districts are actually using the funding they’ve received to help get our kids back into the classroom safely. Or why major political donors to Governor Gavin Newsom received no-bid contracts or plum appointments as part of the state’s pandemic response? These are the sorts of questions that, as Controller, I will answer on behalf of taxpayers.”

Providing True Fiscal Transparency: The Controller’s Office was unable to disclose to the public where each one of the roughly 50 million payments it made—totaling over $300 billion in 2018 alone—went…I will leverage the innovation and technology we have in our state to ensure that taxpayers have access to a best-in-class system to see these payments and understand exactly how their money is being spent.”

Ensuring Honest and Transparent Accounting: “Our state government shouldn’t be using gimmicks and smoke-and-mirrors to hide the true nature of our fiscal condition from California’s taxpayers. One example is the way that our state pension funds report on their own fiscal health. As Controller, I will fight to ensure that our state’s public pension funds, CalPERS and CalSTRS, clearly tell taxpayers how much they will owe once retirement benefits for current and former government employees come due.

Since 2010 California has been dominated by the Democratic Party. Democrats have used this dominance to promote new government programs and new mandates. The California Republican Party has not always defended freedom and limited government; Republicans have committed to leaders who have championed more government to deal with social problems. But this year, California voters committed to limiting government can vote for Lanhee Chen for Controller and Jack Guerrero for Treasurer to keep a spotlight on the cost of the government that the Democrats are delivering to California voters.

for more information on Lanhee Chen for Controller go to

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times has endorsed Lanhee Chen for State Controller

(By Gene Berkman, Editor, California Libertarian Report)

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