Birthplace of Ludwig von Mises under attack

Russian military forces are now attacked civilian infrastructure and other civilian targets in Lviv, using long range surface to surface missiles. in western Ukraine. Russian missiles have totally destroyed the Lviv airport, a civilian facility used to bring in food and medicine to the besieged residents of Lviv. There are no military installations in Lviv, and apparently no military units to defend the city from the Russian brutality.

Until the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918, Lviv was an ethnically diverse city called Lemberg, in Galicia, a province of Austria. Lemberg had a mixed population of Poles, Germans, Ukrainians and Jews. In 1881, Ludwig von Mises was born in Lemberg, and he grew up in the small city before moving to Vienna.

Ludwig von Mises was the most widely read scholar associated with the Austrian School of free market economics. The works of Ludwig von Mises have been used to teach economics to generations of libertarians. You can read a brief history of the life and teachings of Ludwig von Mises here:

(By Gene Berkman, Editor, California Libertarian Report)


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