Libertarian Party on the California Propositions

On Tuesday, November 4, California voters will make decisions on a water bond issue along with 5 other statewide propositions. The Libertarian Party of California has made recommendations on 5 of the ballot issues:

Proposition 1 Water Bond for $7.12 Billion
Authorizes the state to issue bonds for projects related to water supply and infrastructure. $2.7 billion of these funds will be dedicated to water storage projects, dams and reservoirs. Additional funds will be dedicated to activities including flood management, contamination reduction and environmental protection.
It will take 40 years to pay off these bonds, and with interest and bond expenses, the total cost of the bill will likely be closer to $15 billion. Water projects are best managed and financed by local water boards. We recommend a NO vote.

Proposition 2 State Budget Stabilization
Would require 3% of state General Fund revenue be deposited in a “rainy day” fund, and allows up to 10% of revenue be deposited in this account. The measure would allow the rainy day funds to be spent only in the event of a drop in annual revenue below the preceding year, adjusted for population and inflation, or in a declared emergency.
Most features in this measure will lead to more fiscal responsibility; however, the requirement for school districts to reduce reserves will make schools more dependent on state government funding. We prefer local control of education. We recommend a NO vote.

Proposition 45 Health Insurance Rate Changes
This measure will give the Insurance Commissioner power to decide health insurance rates. More government interference in the marketplace where bureaucrats have caused the problem and Prop 45 will (they hope) fix the problem. Bureaucrats have limited the number of insurance companies offering insurance to California consumers through excessive rules and regulations, which has led to less competition and higher prices. The fix is an “Insurance Czar” who will decide if insurance rate increases are reasonable to “protect” the consumers from “price gouging.” The loosening up of regulations so many more insurance companies can sell to Californians will do more to lower rates.
We recommend a NO vote.

Proposition 46 Drug & Alcohol Testing of Doctors
This measure will require random testing for substance abuse and raise the cap on malpractice lawsuits for pain and suffering. The medical insurance industry already monitors doctors and will not insure doctors with problems or will charge them higher rates for the added risk. Mandatory testing will only add to the already high cost of health care. Raising the cap on lawsuits for pain and suffering will encourage more lawsuits. We are concerned about the requirement in this measure that requires doctors to turn in doctors “suspected” of substance abuse, and the requirement to use a government database before issuing certain prescriptions; government databases have a history of problems. We recommend a NO vote.- See more@

Proposition 47 Criminal Sentences This measure will downgrade many less serious crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, thereby reducing the number of people incarcerated in California’s prisons and jails. In particular, it reduces the penalty for possession of most drugs for personal use from felonies to misdemeanors. Locking up people in prisons for less time for victimless crimes is a good start toward ending the drug war—and freeing up the criminal justice system to focus on violent crimes. We recommend a YES vote.

The Libertarian Party of California has No Position on Proposition 48, related to Indian Gaming.

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