McCarthy:”ACLU Sues the FBI on’s Behalf”

The American Conservative magazine reports that The American Civil Liberties Union has sued the Federal Bureau of Investigation on behalf of, the well-known website devoted to opposing war and interventionism.

Daniel McCarthy writes that “…editors of have known for some time that the FBI has had an eye on them. Naturally enough, they used the Freedom of Information Act to request bureau’s files on them and their organization—but the FBI hasn’t been forthcoming.”

The ACLU has sued to get the information that the FBI won’t provide voluntarily. Recent revealations of federal investigations of the Associated Press and Fox News provide a context for this lawsuit. Mr McCarthy writes that “Whereas the Justice Department’s investigations were meant to be in pursuit of national-security leaks, seems to have been targeted based on nothing more than its name and mission: reporting critically on U.S. foreign policy.”

Full story from the American Conservative @

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